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Science Ideas

Ideas for Julius Caesar science learning journeys for years 3-6

Julius Caesar Literacy Plans

Six great lessons created by a Literacy Co-ordinator. Click on the banners to download
Lesson 1
Party Time - A Hero's Return
Lesson 2
Stormy Sounds
Lesson 3
Brutus: an honourable man?
Lesson 4
Strange Sightings
Lesson 5
Advert for an Amulet
Lesson 6
Letter to Aunt Sibyl

Julius Caesar Art & DT Plans

These two projects have been designed specifically for Julius Caesar- but below are loads of Art and DT plans which can easily be adapted to fit the current play.


Creative Mosaics

Art and DT

Bespoke plans for creating Pop Up Books, Models, Set Boxes, Silhouettes, Printmaking, Masks and more...
Printmaking- 2 projects
Creative Puppetry
Making a Set Box
Photo Story Outline
Photo Story Detailed Plan
Paper Cuts Silhouettes
Paper Cuts Cyanotypes
Making an Articulated Model
Making Masks
Pop Up Books Overview
Pop Up Books Detailed Plan

2017 Festival Song

All schools learn our song, and each festival ends with everyone singing it together.....

If we do meet again

music by Neil Carter

O what a fall was there my countrymen,

Then I, and you,

And all of us fell down.

And whether we shall meet again I know not,

Therefore our everlasting farewell take.

If we do meet again,

Why we shall smile,

If not well then this parting was well made.

And this same day must end the work

the Ides of March began,

So call the field to rest and let's away,

To part the glories of this happy day

To part the glories of this happy day

Here is the song which all schools will sing at the end of their festival. The first track has a guide vocal on it to help you learn and sing along with, the second is just the backing track- make sure you practice with the backing track before your festival!

If we do meet (with vocals)Neil Carter
If we do meet (track only)Neil Carter

Julius Caesar Maths Plans

Maths plans for years 3-6 by Hannah Widdison-Woolf, assistant Headteacher at Harlesden Primary School. Winners of the Annie Williams Prize 2015

Download this document which shows the curriculum links for the lesson plans below.

Year 3
1    Line me up

2    A very Caesar problem

3    What's a name worth?

4    What's Caesar's change?

5    Roman shoe problems

6    Fractions of mosaics

7    Roman perimeters

8    What happened when...

9    Turning angles of mosaics

10   than 45 degrees

11   Shakespeare's words
Year 4
1    Round me up
2    Roman Numerals
3    What's a name worth?
4    What's Caesar's change?
5    Roman shoe problems
6    Fractions of mosaics
7    Octavius's Travel money
8    Perimeter in cm and m
9    Sundial problems
Year 5
1    Round me up

2    Roman Numerals

3    What's a name worth?

4    What's Caesar's change?

5    Roman shoe problems

6    Percentages for battle

7    Perimeter of mosaics cm/m

8    Area of mosaics cm/m

9    Angles of mosaics

10  Angles in a shield

11  Line graph- temperatures

12   Octavius's travel money
Year 6
1    Round me up
2    Octavius's travel money
3    Roman shoe problems
4    Percentages for battle
5    Roman km/m conversion
6    Missing mosaic angles
7    Pie chart of Death!
8    The mean army

Useful Resources for Parents

Here are some great resources to use at home- places to go, things to see, make, and do. Just click the download button....

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