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In 2020, The Primary Shakespeare Company launched 'Shakespeare at Home' to help parents keep their children engaged and inspired during the national lockdown. It was a huge success, with more than 30,000 parents logging on to access the educational resources.


Now we're back! We're launching, 'Shakespeare at School' which brings together hundreds of individual activities and educational resources including games, films, arts and crafts, along with easy-to-follow lesson plans for teachers and parents.


All of our courses fully encompass the national curriculum including English, Maths, Science, Art, Geography, Music and PE.

Payments are a one-off fee and give you full access to your chosen plays for a whole year in your school, home or club. Every penny goes to fund The Primary Shakespeare Company's valuable work.

Get our brand new Romeo & Juliet course for just £50 by signing up below, or add on last year's play, The Tempest, for only £60.


Romeo and Juliet is on pre-order and will be released in April 2021. Buy now to get the best price!


Please note: last year's course, The Tempest, featured competitions and prizes which have now ended so please do not enter.

All resources are compatible with tablets and computers, but are not configured for use on mobile phones.

Romeo & JULIET


The resource is divided into acts. Each act below has a section of the film, a quiz, 5 daily literacy plans and 5 maths worksheets . This means you can work your way through the play over a whole term and all the activities are designed for you to spend a week on each act. All plans are written by expert teachers and provide national curriculum links. There are separate pages for Art/DT, Music, Science and more. 


Hugh Bonneville narrates our 40 minute live action storytelling of Romeo and Juliet. The play has been curated especially for children in Key stage 2.

           We are delighted to introduce you to the Romeo and Juliet Resource Pack!   Everything you need for an entire term's

        worth of teaching is here including....

          A special live action storytelling version of the play with Hugh bonneville

           5 weeks of daily literacy plans

       weekly spelling, grammar and punctuation

       5 weeks of daily maths worksheets

       Art project

       Science JOURNEYS

       5 Music lessons

       Quizzes and Crosswords