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Firstly......each year we present 4 prizes to deserving schools at the House Of Lords, here are the criteria to win.....

The Annie Williams Prize

£600 towards a theatre trip

Awarded for a class’ outstanding immersion in the play and curriculum


Work and engagement across the curriculum, classroom/school displays, demonstrating the impact on the teacher, wider school community as well as the class

The Annie Williams Ensemble Prize

£600 towards a theatre trip

Awarded for a class’ collaborative approach across the project.


Class working together, this could be in workshops/final performance/supporting each other in curriculum work/creating displays/noticing that they’ve grown together as a class/team during the project

The Annie Williams Attainment and Achievement Prize

£400 towards a theatre trip

Awarded for a class where the teacher has noticed significant increase in an individual, group or class’  attainment and achievement during the project.


Work and engagement across the curriculum, classroom/school displays/relationships. Children’s journey across the project (e.g. in the past a school noticed specifically how the project had brought the confidence out in very quiet/shy girls)

Primary Shakespeare Excellence in Engagement Prize

£300 towards a theatre trip

Awarded for a class where the teacher has noticed  great engagement across the project and curriculum


Solo prize x 2

£40 book token

Awarded to an individual whose teacher/workshop practitioner have identified


Engagement in the project/growing/becoming more enthused and engaged in school/positive change in attitude/extra curricula work/ self-motivation etc

How To Submit work....

We understand that your time is limited.  We want to make the submission process as easy as possible. The best way we have found for you to do this is as a powerpoint presentation. Firstly, you won't be judged on your artistic presentation of the powerpoint! You don't need to spend hours making it look fancy, we just want the relevant information from you. Teachers who have submitted in the past, say that they created a document at the beginning and added to it across the term. Just for submitting work, we will send you a book token for the class! We would like to see...

1.   Pictures of classroom displays

      Displays and classroom transformations are a great way to immerse the class in the project. A couple of photos of each display will do.

2.   Literacy work

      If you have a digital medium term plan incorporating the Shakespeare related work you've done we'd love to see it. We'd also like some examples (photos) of childrens' work.

3.   Art/DT

      Any pictures of work produced by the class would be great, along with photos of them doing it.

4.   Rehearsal feedback

      You could ask children for feedback on the rehearsals and record it as you go along.  It's great for us to be able to have first hand feedback on how the project is going, it's also useful for our funders.

5.   Any other subject

      If you use the resources provided, or think of your own ways to use the play across the curriculum send us some info/pictures.

6.   A Teacher Statement

      Perhaps the most useful feedback we could have. Write a short piece talking about the impact on your class - enjoyment, any particular child that has unexpectedly excelled, how you found the project and the journey across the term. It's really important that we hear from you, it enables us to try to keep improving what we do.

7.   Any SLT feedback


The submission deadline for entries is Friday June 28th 2024

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