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Educational resources for KS2


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Here you'll find everything you need to teach a term's work around Julius Caesar. There are bespoke plans for Literacy, Maths, Science, and Art + quizzes and games.

Click on each act and you will find a whole week's worth of activities.

The literacy  resources are designed to correspond to each act of the play, so the Act 1 literacy resources all pertain to Act 1 and you can work your way through the play over the course of a term.

There are differentiated daily literacy lessons as well as Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons.

There are maths worksheets, differentiated for year groups. Science learning journeys, two Art &DT projects and 5 music lessons.

All our lesson plans are written by expert teachers who have previously participated in the project.

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Additional resources....
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We have created a comic book re-telling of the story, you can download it here or get it in sections act by act by clicking on the relevant act.
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julius caesar end song 2024 track onlyArtist Name
00:00 / 01:32
julius caesar end song 2024Artist Name
00:00 / 01:32
Because of the maths schemes of work that schools use, we understand that it may not be possible to teach all your maths using the play. We have provided  Julius Caesar themed worksheets which can be used to support your maths curriculum whilst referencing themes and events from the play.
At the end of each festival, everyone will join together onstage to sing the final song. You can download the lyrics and listen to the song below.
Please learn the words!

Track with vocals

Track only

Download Lyrics

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