Science Plans for Macbeth

2 Science learning journeys
1 Potions!

Potions experiment overview


Powerpoint and slides


Activity 1 Planning


Activity 2 Predicting


Activity 3 Presenting Data

2 Macduff needs a Ship!
Macduff's ship overview
Powerpoint and slides
Activity 1and 2- Designing Ships
Activity 3- Predicting and Observing
Certificate of Excellence

Maths Plans for Macbeth

Maths activities/ worksheets with area curriculum objectives
Maths activities overview of lessons
1   Roman Numerals
2   Design Tartan
3   Crack the Code
4   Data Collection
5   Measuring Capacity
6   Converting Capacity
7   Word problems
8   Percentage Spells
9    Fractions and Decimals
10  Reflect Symbols
11  Table of Battle Times
12  Macbeth Flags
13  Area and Perimeter
14  Map coordinates
Literacy Plans for Macbeth
1   Banquo and Macbeth meet the Witches
2   Macbeth's Soliloquy Part i
3   Macbeth's Soliloquy Part ii
4   Act ii Scene i
5   Capture the Scene
6   Letters from the Grave
7   The Three Witches meet again
8   The trial of Lady Macbeth

Art and DT

Bespoke plans for creating Pop Up Books, Models, Set Boxes, Silhouettes, Printmaking, Masks and more...
Printmaking- 2 projects
Creative Puppetry
Making a Set Box
Photo Story Outline
Photo Story Detailed Plan
Paper Cuts Silhouettes
Paper Cuts Cyanotypes
Making an Articulated Model
Making Masks
Pop Up Books Overview
Pop Up Books Detailed Plan

Festival Song 2016

Hail King of ScotlandNeil Carter

And you can download the lyrics here.