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How it works...

Here you'll find everything you need to teach a term's work around Macbeth. There are bespoke plans for Literacy, Maths, Science, Art, Shakespeare and MFL + quizzes and games.

Click on each act and you will find a whole week's worth of activities.

The literacy, maths, and french resources are designed to correspond to each act of the play, so the Act 1 literacy resources all pertain to Act1 and you can work your way through the play over the course of a term.

There is one maths lesson per week, differentiated for year groups. Two Science learning journeys, one Art project and 5 french lessons.

There is also a filmed storytelling performance of the play that you can use for reference.

Just click below to get going.....


storytelling Films

Festival song

At the end of each Shakespeare Festival every class takes the stage to sing the end song together. Here you can download the lyrics and play the song.

Double DoubleNeil Carter/ Kelly O'Leary
00:00 / 02:24

Play Song

Download Lyrics

This year we worked with MA Theatre for Young Audiences and MA Actor Musician Students from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama to produce three storytelling performances. Each one was devised by the students based on the play. Under normal non - covid circumstances we would tour one show that all our schools would come together in boroughs to see, but this year as a precaution each school got their own individual performance. All three stories are told differently - we couldn't film them in schools for child protection reasons, so here is rehearsal room footage. Enjoy!

Devised and Performed by

Ewan Pires

Angus Tikka

Charlotte Hannah

Devised and Performed by

Melinda Orengo

Tom Elliot

Kit Salterkay

Devised and Performed by

Emmanuel Mendes Da Silva 

Sophie Golby

Tori Chapman

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