Shakespeare resources for teachers

Here are loads of downloadable literacy, maths, science, art and DT plans to help you embed the project into your curriculum. 

Literacy Plans for Macbeth
1   Banquo and Macbeth meet the Witches
2   Macbeth's Soliloquy Part i
3   Macbeth's Soliloquy Part ii
4   Act ii Scene i
5   Capture the Scene
6   Letters from the Grave
7   The Three Witches meet again
8   The trial of Lady Macbeth

Maths Plans for Macbeth

Maths activities/ worksheets with area curriculum objectives
Maths activities overview of lessons
1   Roman Numerals
2   Design Tartan
3   Crack the Code
4   Data Collection
5   Measuring Capacity
6   Converting Capacity
7   Word problems
8   Percentage Spells
9    Fractions and Decimals
10  Reflect Symbols
11  Table of Battle Times
12  Macbeth Flags
13  Area and Perimeter
14  Map coordinates

Science Plans for Macbeth

2 Science learning journeys
1 Potions!

Potions experiment overview


Powerpoint and slides


Activity 1 Planning


Activity 2 Predicting


Activity 3 Presenting Data

2 Macduff needs a Ship!
Macduff's ship overview
Powerpoint and slides
Activity 1and 2- Designing Ships
Activity 3- Predicting and Observing
Certificate of Excellence

Art and DT

Bespoke plans for creating Pop Up Books, Models, Set Boxes, Silhouettes, Printmaking, Masks and more...
Printmaking- 2 projects
Creative Puppetry
Making a Set Box
Photo Story Outline
Photo Story Detailed Plan
Paper Cuts Silhouettes
Paper Cuts Cyanotypes
Making an Articulated Model
Making Masks
Pop Up Books Overview
Pop Up Books Detailed Plan
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  • Neil Carter
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And you can download the lyrics here.

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