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Tempest 2020 Online - Prizes

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Tempest Online 2020. We really enjoyed creating it and enjoyed looking through your amazing work even more! Here are the six celebrity challenge prize winners. Lots of other work will be displayed on our gallery of work 2020 page over the coming weeks. See you all soon....

Mary Goodyear's Spell

Freya's Storm

Annabel's puppet film

Aania's song

When I Am KingAania Siddiqi
00:00 / 03:19

Abed's News

Parissa's Sequel

Neil had a bit of trouble with this one.....

Freya built a shadow puppet theatre and then made this film!

Here's a clip from Annabel's Ferdinand and Miranda scene

Aania wrote these brilliant lyrics, and we wrote some music to go with them...

Abed wrote us the script for a news broadcast

Parissa wrote a sequel to The Tempest, we got a special guest to read it, click to see who it is...

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