Every fortnight a digital book from Prospero’s Library will be released here. Each book will be themed around a character and will contain a series of activities and ideas that encourage our young people to explore their islands, much like Miranda does in The Tempest. Each book will result in the generation of creative outputs: mark-making, writing, drawing, singing, music making, building. Our Mirandas will be encouraged to capture this journey by either sending what they have created to the PSC  or creating a portfolio or collection of material that schools will collect from them once they re-open.

Ferdinand’s book

In the play Ferdinand comes to the island from outside. Through this lens we explore how we connect with the outside world from our island – how we maintain relationships with others outside of our immediate circle. We will also look at love and relationships during this period of isolation.

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A Project for Special Schools

Caliban’s book

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Ariel’s book

Prospero’s book 

Themes of parental influence, power, magic and refugee/home will be explored here, also the relationships between generations on the island.



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