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On this page you'll find plans for Art & DT, Science and Maths. Just scroll down to the relevant section.


ART, SCIENCE and Music

Julius Caesar



This project allows children to develop their 3D and sculpture skills, using clay as the main medium for examining character in portraiture. This project is most suitable for KS2 children or younger children with confident fine motor skills.

creative mosaics

While it is entirely possible to create mosaics where the content/design links explicitly to Julius Caesar, these projects mainly focus on introducing children to a technique that is quintessentially Roman.

Julius Caesar

We have been producing art/dt plans for quite a few years now. Every year we relate them to the play we are using, but all of them would work if you applied them to this year's play. You can check out the art projects on Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth opposite. Underneath are a whole load of other art/dt resources you might want to use......

Macbeth Art

Romeo & Juliet art

twelfth night art

more art projects

We've put together many art/dt projects over the years. Designed by expert teachers, these will help you to make puppets, pop up books, masks, models or set boxes.

Printmaking- 2 projects
Creative Puppetry
Making a Set Box
Photo Story Outline
Photo Story Detailed Plan
Paper Cuts Silhouettes
Paper Cuts Cyanotypes
Making an Articulated Model
Making Masks
Pop Up Books Overview
Pop Up Books Detailed Plan



Year 3

On the death of Caesar even the sun disappeared.  Fully resourced science plans with national curriculum links investigating light.


Year 4

Caesar instructed that his parks and gardens should be made public for you all to enjoy. Fully resourced science plans with national curriculum links investigating living things and their habitats.

animals including humans

properties & Changes of materials

Year 5

Building construction and fashion in ancient Rome. Fully resourced science plans with national curriculum links investigating properties and changes of materials.

Year 6

Taking care of one's body through cleanliness and exercise was the starting point for leading a healthy life in the Roman era. Fully resourced science plans with national curriculum links investigating animals including humans.

Julius Caesar

Here are five music lessons with National Curriculum links. Download them all as one file. The lessons include...

1 Celebrating Caesar's victory.

2 Storm Music

3 Funeral Music

4 Caesar's Character Theme

5 Battle Music


Julius Caesar
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